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Talk: Exploring the Role of the City’s Public Libraries  Talk: Exploring the Role of the City’s Public Libraries

From help learning computer skills, to mastering English as a Second Language, the city’s public libraries are playing a bigger role in their communities. 

“They’re a cornerstone of our Democracy, they help us learn about ourselves and each other, and they’re wonderful gathering places in the community for people who need connections,” said Susan Dooha, who said she visits her local library branch in Brooklyn about once a week.

I think we need to continue to dwell on the idea of what a city’s public library should be.


Slight update - because of Hurricane Irene, libraries are closed tomorrow and Sunday. STAY INDOORS, PEOPLE!! But don’t fret - you can still check out NYPL eBooks from the safety of your warm, dry home. So stay safe, stay inside and curl up with a good eBook.


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