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LIBRARY OF THE WEEK: Central Library, Vancouver Public Library
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

photograph by Alex Ramon

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Editorial piece in defense of library funding during a recession—or why we shouldn’t be cutting library funding in the middle of a big recession. 

Hooray for YA!  Young adult book suggestions from NPR.  I just picked up Cathy Ostlere’s Karma

Looking for articles on transforming programming at your library?  Or resources and links helping you find free ebooks?  Or the latest research for academic librarians?  ALA has launched their Transforming Libraries Portal; it’s pretty awesome—and has tons of information all in one place that’s easy to find. 

How much is using the public library saving you?  Probably a sh** ton. 

Pamela Paul, the Book Review’s children’s books editor, interviews Laurent de Brunhoff—the man who kept Babar going after this father’s death.  Babar is now 80 years old