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What is a reluctant reader?

This term is used to describe a child who can read but has little interest in reading regularly.

Some children see reading as hard work and will only read when and what they have to. We, as parents, want our children to experience the joy of reading and ensure that they have the best advantages in their education.

Reading is a skill that needs to be practised.

Children who read a lot have better comprehension, extensive vocabulary and vivid imaginations. They are better equipped to handle the volumes of reading they have to do in secondary school.
So what can we do ?

20 Tips to Support a Reluctant Reader - Patsy Lyons from Tara Book Company (via westmeathlibrary)

(via teachingliteracy)

What Happens When Your Son Falls in Love with a “Girly” Book Series?

I have often had little boys confide in me that they like the princess books or the “girly” parts in an adventure story. 

You can read it…as an adult, it’s one of my favorite reads this year.

Perfect…magical, epic, across the galaxy adventure.

For…ages 7 and up.

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A Tale Dark and Grimm

You can read it…if all your favorite fairytale tv shows are taking a break and you need a fix.

Perfect…audio book, especially for boys—it’s gruesome.

For…ages 8 and up.

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Taffy of Torpedo Junction

In remembrance of Pearl Harbor today on December 7.

You can read it…even if you have never been to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. 

Perfect…for kids who had no idea German subs were sinking ship after ship right off the coast during WWII and need to be entertained while school is out. 

For…kids ages 9 and up (and adults).

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Looking for a gift to give on All Hallows Read to a kid?  Look no further. If they haven’t read book one, start with A Tale Dark and Grimm. 

Love, love this illustrated Dewey Decimal System.


• • •

The design was originally based off a Dewey set made by Susanna Ryan but needing different colour co-ordination and some illustration changes, we got permission to remake it. The original:

More than man’s best friend—this dog is a great listener too.  Read the entire News & Observer article here.