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“Getting my library card was like citizenship; it was like American citizenship.”-Oprah
Reading for Life: Oprah Winfrey  by Leonard Kniffel

Hooray for YA!  Young adult book suggestions from NPR.  I just picked up Cathy Ostlere’s Karma

Great article about YA Lit, and how it’s pretty good.  It’s not a joke, seriously, literature snobs, it’s not. 

Banned Books Week


Holiday Book Drive for Our Troops

Novelist Paul Malmont is launching a holiday book and audiobook drive to send books to our troops overseas through Operation Warrior Library.

Malmont explained in an email: “We’re starting a new effort to raise some books for a holiday delivery to troops. We’re looking for boxes of new books from authors and publishers–audio books are particularly welcome to injured soldiers in hospitals.  If anyone is interested they can reach out to uswarriorlibrary [at] gmail [dot] com.”

Organized by Malmont and Col. George Reynolds, this literary supply chain has shipped hundreds of books to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Visit Operation Warrior Library for more information.

It’s a three day weekend—and I read so hard libraries try to find me.

Applications are not being accepted to participate in Teens’ Top Ten. 

OMG. THE NEW NOT HARRY POTTER BOOK will be named The Casual Vacancy.

I’m so excited about Halloween now! This would be a great library teen event.