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Why studying and reading books really does matter.

An anthology of letters sheds light on the very private Willa Cather, now that her ban on publication of her correspondence has been lifted decades after her death.

I’m really looking forward to reading these! Although I couldn’t care less about who she was sleeping with or if she was gay (which I had always assumed she was.)

But the library, free and open, is already an exemplar of democracy at its healthiest and best, of society making its finest things available to all. Climbing the library steps, passing the lions, rising up to the reading room where anyone can ask for books, enshrines, architecturally, the pursuit of enlightenment. Inspiring more people to reach those heights is the library’s loftiest mission. Peddling “democracy” as if it were a popularity contest is what “American Idol” does.
"In Renderings for a Library Landmark, Stacks of Questions, Still." The NY Times  

A print, tucked into an old medical text, was signed “P. Revere Sculp,” and the woman who found it knew it might be big.

A new literary network revives an old Pashtun tradition.

About 67 percent of libraries nationally offer access to e-books, up 12 percent from two years ago, according to the American Library Association.

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