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Net neutrality is really important for libraries because we are, first of all, in the information business. Our business now is not just increasingly, but dramatically, online, using digital information and providing services in this digital environment. That means that we need to have solid and ubiquitous Internet services.

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"What a school thinks about it’s library is a measure of what it feels about education." Harold Howe

Hear hear!

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May Book Photo Challenge: Day 17 - Library.

Photo is of the Norfolk Slover Public Library currently under renovation.

Book Photo Challenge: Day 15 - Least favorite book[s]. Not exactly a photo. Or a book.

May Book Photo Challenge: Day 14 - Your name in a book. Growing up I loved that Meg and I had the same name.

May Book Photo Challenge: Day 13- Music

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May Book Photo Challenge: Day 9 - Photo with an author. Me with Mo Willems at ALA 2013.


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So I’m eight days late but I’ll be doing the May Book Photo Challenge for the rest of the month. Yay!

May #BookPhotoChallenge: Day 8 - New Release