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My pin matches my free book! #prideandprejudice #janesusten #classics #manga #alaac14

Competing for best mystery cover on the way to #ALAac14 #vegas




Adoring the trend in silhouette book covers. 

soooo pretty

More, please. These are gorgeous! 


#100happydays #day53 I seriously can’t wait. I need this vacation so badly. I’m getting so happy that it’s so close! #ala #books #bookstagram #booknerdigans #author #blogger #lasvegas #vegas

Yeah. So I’m going. I have no advice. I should be posting things. I’m too busy trying to decide what the hell I’m going to wear to the N/C Banquet to meet Jon Klassen and Mac Barnett .  See you Vegas baby!! 


'Pediatrics Group to Recommend Reading Aloud to Children From Birth'

While librarians have known this for YEARS, glad to see it coming from the AAP

I can’t stand reading these books but I mean…they bridge the gap for young readers and introduce them to fantasy.  What is not to love? 


The new harry potter movie looks great


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Not what a cookbook from the library should look like. Buy your own damn copy. #librarianproblems #librarybooks #etiquette

If I Stay 

There is just no way it is going to be as good as the book…and should I really cry that hard in the theater? Probably not.